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The Birds

Long ago, a mysterious egg fell out of the sky, falling into a stranded nest in the middle of nowhere. Until one day a huge storm came, and lightning struck the mysterious egg, making it shake vigorously. It shook for over 100 years, to a point that it started having a surrounding audience of birds, worshipping the shaking egg. The day has come for the egg to hatch, and to witness the birth of the Blasé Bird Crew.

Our Mission

The Incubator Business

Blasé Bird Crew Management group, the first and only group that will dedicate its Assets and team to help up and coming NFT Projects with their journey to be stamped in Solana history. Holders will get access to our exclusive DAO where the space will be dedicated for interaction and gaining knowledge in the Solana space, and how they can manage and upgrade their NFT projects.

  • - Web Development
  • - Tokenomics
  • - Marketing advisory
  • - Art setup and management
  • - Discord setup and management
  • - NFT Conept and trajectory Study
  • - Marketing through our Blasé Social media platforms Or other platforms

Not only do we offer services as a crew, also the proceeds from all revenues of the Blasé Bird Crew Management Group will go to the community wallet where the Holders will vote on where the funding goes. This will forever and always Benefit our Blasé holders in the long run giving passive income as well as infinite utility through our Franchise Services.

Why Hold
A Blasé?

From hoodies to socks and hats, we want to create a brand that resonates with the coolness and exclusivity of the Birds!

15 Backgrounds 8 Bodies
6 Bellies 9 Beaks
19 Shirts 14 Hats/Hair
9 Eyes 9 Accessories
6 Glasses & 3 Extras.

Connect your wallet to the dashboard to see the latest insights and news about the collection, you will be able to stake your Nft's there!

In house built staking for Gen2 Breeding using
$Blasé token.


  • Egg Phase (Pre-mint)
    - Assemble Bird Crew
    - Design Roadmap
    - Making of the Blasé Birds
    - Website and Social Media Development
    - Building the nest (community)
    - Giveaways and collaborations
  • Hatching Phase (Mint):
    - Rarity Preapproval
    - ME Preapproval
    - Specific Holder giveaway
    - Flock Development (DAO)
    - Building Dashboard
  • Flying Phase (Post-mint):
    - Merch Store for holders
    - Dashboard Release
    - Flock Release
    - Blasé Token release with tokenomics
    - Staking Website
    - Breeding for Gen2.0
  • Gen2.0 Phase:
    - Incubator Business
    - Roadmap 2.0
    - Baby Blasé Birds